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Why face-to-face training might be the match for you

E-learning is great. It has some tremendous advantages public classrooms just can't compete with: learning from your own home, at your own pace, no commute,... It will be a perfect fit for some people, however, others might struggle and lose a learning opportunity. I like e-learning, but I also like face-to-face training and here is why.

Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand
While living in South-Korea, I had the opportunity to take part in a half-a-day Lean yellow belt session. A minimal powerpoint session to start off with was followed by an exercise. The game made us build satellites out of plastic cups and improve the building process continually. Not only do I still remember the game, I loved the dynamics of gamification and it sparked my interest in Lean Six Sigma.

Training should fit like a glove, your glove
Every couple of weeks, you can find me at the stands of KAA Gent, our local soccer team. I do not mind getting football commercials as it relevant. However, going skiing in the winter is not my cup of tea and commercials will only be a waste of time. It should be the same for your training as well, even more. A great trainer will connect with you and give you real examples that fit you: you can explain Service Management based on a gas station.

It is my time
Every day we try to balance work-life balance. Services like Netflix and e-learning make this more comfortable. We can watch and learn whenever we find the time. This summer, I went to the Czech Republic and managed to read 2 and a half books that were on my shelf for about a year. Learning whenever you can doesn't always mean you will actually devote your time to it. Blocking a timebox in your agenda by getting you out of your normal habitat might just speed up this process.

But first I will take out the garbage and some coffee and ...
By walking in the classroom you have the amazing opportunity to learn. Why conventionally we would think this is a teacher-student relation, the reality is more diverse. While teaching Prince2 and ITIL, I have tried to transfer the concepts to the participants but the knowledge transfer accelerates when the entire classroom is involved. Questions will arise, concepts will be challenged and discussions will make the real difference when learning. A great teacher will facilitate these discussions and make them stick.

Training should make you gain knowledge and spark your desire for more whatever method you are using. But remember: learning should be fun.

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